Our Practice

Think Financial is a financial advisory boutique that prides itself on an objective, comprehensive, and honest approach to meeting your financial goals.  I wholeheartedly believe that, first and foremost, it is my ethical duty to invest my time to understand what your current and future financial goals are before you invest your trust and your money with me.  With so many variables determining your ultimate financial path, I know how to professionally navigate the potentially stressful and confusing choices that you may face. As a husband and father of three, I understand how daunting and important it is to make sure that you are financially comfortable and covered presently, as well as for leaving a legacy, preparing for the unexpected, ensuring your lifestyle, as well as covering your essentials.

No matter what financial phase you are currently in and/or are interested in -- pre-retirement, retirement, investing, or estate planning, -- I know how to knowledgeably and professionally develop specific, objective strategies to help achieve your goals.  Once we develop a path, my commitment does not end there; I will always be monitoring your financial progress to make sure that you are on track, and will always communicate with you if any adjustments need to be made.  Furthermore, I am available and dedicated to making you feel comfortable and secure; call any time to check in with me. In addition, I welcome the opportunity to work with your attorney, accountant, and other trusted professionals in order to leverage a multi-dimensional and balanced expert solution.  I am devoted to providing an unbeatable client experience.